Universal Fighting Engine | BeanMan's Bazooka Battle!

This game was created as a test for 2D graphics using Universal Fighting Engine, a toolkit for making fighting games in Unity. The only UFE mods used are Live Combo Update, Particle Mirror and Projectile Mirror. There's some clean up in GUIScript.cs, and I created a custom Intro screen with simple functions for each button. All graphics, animations and effects were created in Unity itself, using assets from the 2D Platformer sample project. Some effects and UI elements were created by me. Scroll to bottom of page for development screenshot.
Player 1
Movement: WASD
Light/Medium/Heavy: T/Y/U
([Space Key] for Menu)
Player 2
Movement: [Arrow Keys]
Light/Medium/Heavy: 8/9/0
([Return Key] for Menu)
Launcher: Heavy
FollowUp: Up (after Launcher)
Sweep: Crouch Heavy
Slam: (air) Heavy
Straight Rocket: Down, Forward + Attack
Up Rocket: Down, Back + Attack
Down Rocket: (air) Down, Forward + Attack
Rocket Jump: Forward, Down, Forward + Attack
Rocket Dive: (air) Down, Back + Attack
Super S.Rocket: Down, Forward x2 + Attack
Super U.Rocket: Down, Back x2 + Attack
Super Rocket Dive: (air) Down, Back x2 + Attack

Change Log
Added Supers
Updated Pause menu to reflect new supers
Supers are free after round ends
Recreated Health and Super bars to use Unity UI
Adjusted MainMenu & UI for iPad resolutions
Changed rounds to be best of 5
Added preliminary Analytics
Minor tweaking

Ported to iOS
Added UFE Intro movie (iOS only)
Updated Pause menu to reflect new special commands
Minor tweaking

New Alt Color for 2P
New chains: c.Light -> s.Light; c.Medium -> s.Medium

Added better GetHitAir animation
Minor tweaking

Removed input leniency for specials

Added UFE logo and link to website
Removed Start Immediately
Removed Never Air Recover
Debug Mode now off by default (can be turned back on in Pause Menu)

Added knockdown hitboxes
Added sound files from 2D Platformer
Minor tweaking

Added Rocket Jump and Rocket Dive moves
Minor tweaking

Added main menu, with single and two player options
Fixed in-game menu

Initial version